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Before there was Park@city, there was a vision. A vision for exceptional, consumer-oriented healthcare. Post 2000s, the healthcare sector was booming with consumers becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of good healthcare. With the sector then dominated largely by global conglomerates however, healthcare products available at the time were highly industrialised and impersonal, mass-produced with a “one size fits all” strategy. Finding the right healthcare product was a challenge for consumers with needs beyond the mainstream. There had to be a better way to meet consumer healthcare needs. We just have to listen. This belief is perfectly encapsulated even in our Corporate Belief in “37°C Health Care” which reflects the optimal human body temperature.

Expanding the Healthcare Horizon Each product introduced is a result of extensive market research taking into careful consideration customer feedbacks, current lifestyle needs and market trends. By keeping a keen ear to our customers’ voices, we were able to formulate specialised healthcare products that answer directly to their needs. This innovative approach to product development has proven to be pivotal for our success with customers responding positively to our product launches.

A unique connection with our customers has brought us far, and inspired innovations that are otherwise impossible. Moving forward, we aim to preserve and further enhance this connection as we diversify our product portfolio. Our team is committed to continue working closely with all stakeholders, be it our suppliers, partners or customers to develop even more insightful healthcare products that truly add value to our customers’ lives.

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To inspire healthier communities by varities of innovative healthcare products.

To offer unique healthcare products and services that exceed community's expectations and are provided in a caring, convenient and accessible manner.


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One of the best fomula i manage to find in the market which contains prebiotic and probiotic
- Natalie Armstong
My child had lactose intolerance due to he doesn't consume any fomula milks. Thanks to BIOBAY happy kidz, finally found a fomula that suits him.
- Maxx Hwa & Daughter
i came across with lots of different brand co-enzyme Q10 supplement for heart benefits. then i was introduced by a friend to try BIOBAY Q10 4PLEX since it was the only brand so far in the market that comes out the supplement in a capsule form rather than softgel form as other brand for a faster and better absorption.
- May Tan

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