“I’m not allergic to anything, but why do I keep sneezing and getting runny nose?”👃🏻

👨🏻‍⚕️According to Dr. Balwant, here are some of the more common possible causes for rhinitis, aside from allergic.

1. Environmental pollutants and irritants (such as smog, dust, haze, secondhand smoke, and even strong perfumes). People who and exposed to chemical fumes (solvents, aerosol, etc) regularly as part of their job may also develop non-allergic rhinitis.

2. Temperature or humidity changes (due to rain, etc) may cause the nasal mucosal lining to swell, triggering runny or stuffy nose.

3. Infection by certain bacteria and viruses can cause inflammation of the nasal mucosa.

4. Some of the things people consume, such as spicy foods, alcoholic, beverage and certain medications (antihypertensive therapy, aspirin derivatives, antidepressant, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, etc).

5. Hormonal changes, such as seen during pregnancy and menstruation as well as from the use of medications (oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy etc).

(Article by HealthToday, Professor Dato’ Paduka Dr Balwat Singh Gendeh)