“PARK@CITY” Pharmacy & medical supplies each of Avelon Group pharmacies which is the exclusive name for all our retail outlets. Our pharmacies sell mainly western medicine, household medical supplies and instruments, health food supplements and so on. 

All our pharmacies exhibit the following unique characteristics:

  • Every one of our pharmacies is well-staffed with qualified pharmacists. On average, there are about 4 pharmacists and other sales staff to each outlet to provide professional advice at all times
  • Our pharmacies boast of a wide range of household medical products, medicines and healthcare products. Compared to the average pharmacy, our outlets offer 50% more on variety, providing more options to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
  • All our pharmacies are tastefully decorated, well-lit and highly hygienic, with all their goods displayed neatly and tidily. We vow to provide our customers with the most comfortable purchasing environment.

Your health is our mission!   

At PARK@CITY pharmacies, where stock variety promises to satisfy all walks of consumers, our pharmacists and shop assistants give heart-warming consultations too. They listen attentively to customer needs and, at the same time, give sound medical and healthcare advice

Giving Back to Customers

 As the choice pharmacy of the community, we try to keep a good rapport with all our customers. For instance, we have set up a membership system to reward our long-term loyal customers. 

Apart from the membership system, we also give on-and-off offers on a long-term basis to give back to our customers. A typical example is giving away vouchers for spending above a certain amount.  

It is our long-term practice to go all out to reward our customers so as to forge a good rapport with them. We vow to shower our customers with sincerity and warm human touch.  

Caring for Customers

PARK@CITY, apart from rewarding our customers, regularly conduct all sorts of healthcare activities to care for people of all ages, attracting overwhelming response and participation from our customers.

To ensure good customer care, every one of our pharmacies conduct free medical and healthcare activities a few times annually, catering to the needs of all age groups—from children to the elderly—so that everybody can benefit from them.

For example, free tests are provided, including blood glucose tests, Body Mass Index (BMI), cholesterol tests, weight checks and the like.

For the past 10 years, we have been conducting numerous medical and healthcare activities with various suppliers. As an example, we have invited Public Bookshop, a renowned bookstore chain in Malaysia, to hold medical and healthcare seminars to share our professional expertise.

Health Consultant

PARK@CITY pharmacies do not just buy and sell medicine. We position ourselves as our customers’ good neighbor—your family healthcare consultant. We readily share health tips with them, and they can always feel our love and care.

When a customer walks into a PARK@CITY pharmacy, our staff not only listen to his needs attentively, they will also give constructive suggestions. For example, they will advise diabetics on how to make adjustments to their lives etc.