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BIOBAY Lycoper Plus

BIOBAY Lycoper Plus

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Lycopene is a supplement that has been proven to provide many health benefits. It is found in a wide assortment of the fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes contain the highest dietary content of lycopene of about 85%.


The effectiveness of the lycopene comes from its powerful antioxidants to maintain the thickness, strength and fluidity of your cell membranes, which are the protectors of other cells in your body. Lycopene also protects other structures in the body from oxygen damage.

In addition to most cancers, lycopene is also helpful in treating other conditions and illnesses such as preventing high LDL cholesterol and lowering triglycerides, helping with infertility, boosting sperm counts in men, plus the prevention of diabetes, aging of the skin and osteoporosis. It may even be effective in protecting the skin from sunburns.


  • Prevents prostate problems
  • Super antioxidants 
  • Cancer-preventative
  • Improve immune system

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