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Bio-Bay Blue Element 28s

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How Phycocyanin can help you fight against cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest widely spreading diseases nowadays and the main reason for it the consumption of low-quality food ingredients with poisonous effects. Recent studies have shown that 1 out of 10 people are being diagnosed with cancer with the ratio of women being greater than men. This is due to the fact that breast cancer has the highest chances to happen to women more than any other type. Apart from that, lung cancer etc. are also caused by the similarly disturbed lifestyle and eating habits.

For this purpose, it is important to get cancer treated and prevented with the help of the natural sources which do not have any side-effects and that serve the sole purpose of mending and improving the damaged body system.

While the other natural sources for cancer prevention have had one or the other side-effects reported by its users, Spirulina Algae is one and most probably the only thing that has been successful so far for the cancer patients, their revival from the harmful medical treatments, and its prevention as well.

One of the other useful components of Spirulina Algae is Phycocyanin that is best known for its useful properties for curing and preventing high-risk cancer.

What is Phycocyanin?

Phycocyanin is basically a pigment of the freshwater algae Spirulina. If gone through a proper harvest plan, the algae can be turned into an edible, most probably food or medicine. Phycocyanin is greenish blue in color that it naturally adopts from its origin i.e. the Spirulina Algae and the properties of chlorophyll as well. The main reason for this blue-green pigment being mentioned with the cancer treatment is its highly effective components that are later used for numerous purposes, most commonly treating and preventing cancer.

It can be consumed in the form of powder, and also it is water soluble. This makes it useful to be mixed with water to be consumed easily because its taste is not very much appreciated by its users. It is also considered to be a dietary supplement for a lot of the reasons that will be mentioned below.

It is supposed to be an anti-cancer molecule of the pigment present in Spirulina Algae which makes it safe to be consumed by a cancer patient during and before the treatment. Also, it has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties because of which it also helps in providing relief to the cancer patients who are undergoing painful treatments such as chemotherapy and its harmful radiations.

How does it help in fighting cancer?

Phycocyanin has been known to gain increasing popularity in the past few years because of its successful results among the high-risk cancer patients. While a lot of the people believe that Phycocyanin cannot completely cure cancer, the other half is totally in its favor for being a preventive measure for cancer with 80% chances to be cured as well. There are many benefits of Phycocyanin as an effective and useful pigment of the Spirulina Algae, however, only some of them have been proved by the experts that are also enough to convince a cancer patient to use it for the treatment.

Here is how Phycocyanin helps in fighting cancer with its useful properties.

  1. It especially targets the Cancer Stem Cells:

Cancer cells, especially the Breast cancer stem cells, occur in the body as a result of some abnormal activity in the natural process, such as Metastasis. This procedure does not allow the human body to operate in a natural way by stopping it from producing the correct effects. as a result of which, the cancer stem cells take birth which later spread into the body that becomes a cause of its diagnosis.

Phycocyanin helps the body in reacting to the cancer stem cells with the help of the immense amount of protein naturally present in it. In addition to this, the chlorophyll in it allows Phycocyanin to transform the sun rays into energy that helps in targeting the cancer cells for either killing them or stopping the further cell formation.

  1. It helps in detoxification:

The everyday use of harmful products as edibles and other things has caused more harm to the human body than anything else. The consumption of the harmful food in the form of the poisonous preservatives is also one of the biggest causes of cancer in today’s time. Spirulina Algae helps in detoxifying the body from the dangerous elements. As a result of which, Phycocyanin becomes a source of preventing cancer and reducing it’s after effects due to the painful treatments.

  1. It improves the Immune System:

Weak immunity has also said to be one of the causes of cancer because of the reason that immunity usually lies in the gut and the first place for the cancer cells to attack is the gut itself. Spirulina Algae has some amazing qualities in the form of Phycocyanin. For instance, the freshwater algae have more iron than spinach and more calcium than milk. There is a lot more than this in the favor and best interest of Phycocyanin being the ideal pigment to prevent cancer and also reduce the birth of cancer cells in the body.

Can Phycocyanin cure cancer?

There has been a misconception ever since the growing awareness of Phycocyanin, that it cannot cure cancer and can be only used for its prevention. Moreover, rumors also have it that the freshwater pigment cannot stop the further creation if the cancer cells. However, the truth is a lot different than this and can be proved by the unbiased and genuine reviews of the products made with Phycocyanin to be consumed by cancer patients before, during, and after their medical treatments.

What is the most effective product to treat cancer?

The most effective product with Phycocyanin to treat cancer is known to be BIO-BAY BLUE ELEMENT 28’S that has all the necessary elements and properties required to treat the inflammation and excessive oxidation to help the newly diagnosed cancer patients in fighting with the deadly disease to get rid of it without producing any side-effects.

Phycocyanin, when used at the right time and in the proper dose, produces some great and amazing effects that no other medical treatment or medicines are able to provide for curing or preventing cancer.