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BIOBAY Sea buckthorn Softgel

BIOBAY Sea buckthorn Softgel

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BIOBAY® Seabuckthorn is rich in amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids that help brain protein and neurotransmitter synthesis, excellent anti-inflammatory effect, and promote skin regeneration. Besides, it helps in weight loss, reduce stress and keep you safe from invisible killers such as radiation and silent inflammation. For women, it is good in to improve their chronic virginal dryness, cracked heels and sensitive hands.

SEABUCKTHORN has been given name as "NUTRIENT BOMB" or "LIFE OIL".

It regenerates and nourishes the mucous membranes that covering digestive, Joints,

respiratory and urogenital tracts.

Seabuckthorn seed oil with super critical CO2 extraction : 

Contains more than 190 bioactive compounds

  • A super strong anti- inflammatory effects
  • Rich In oleic acid (omego-9), palmitoleic ackd (omega-7), palmitic acid and linolelc acid (omego-6), linolenic acid(omego-3) and unique plant sterols (mainly β-sitostero)
  • Contains important antioxidants especialy highly effective superoxide dismutase SOD
  • Contains fiavonolds mainly isorhamnetin, quercetin glycosides & kaempferol
  • Contains various minerals, amino acids and organic acids
  • Protects gastric mucosa and cures gastric ulcer
  • Improves and relief joint pain and arthritis
  • Alleviates dry or sensitive eyes
  • Improves chronic virginal inflammation and dryness
  • Relieves cracked heels and sensitive hands
  • Improves dry mouth symptoms
  • Treating respiratory disorders particulary chronic bronchitis and asthma
  • Effective in treating different types of dermatitis such as atopic eczema and dermatitis
  • Wonderful solution for reducing skin Inflammation and sensitive skin
  • Nourishing the softness and elasticity of skin, slowing down the skin aging process
  • Decreasing the amount of deep wrinkles
  • Helps weight loss, suppresses appetitte and signals the body to stop storing fats
  • Improves endurance and speed up recovery from stress
  • Prevents heart attack and stroke